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Comfortably Numb

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

11:20AM - Obama and Clinton

I don't really know what to do about this election. It's still early so I guess the smart thing to do would be to wait to make a decision until things get heated. I want to see how I like these people after they're under a bit more pressure. I know that Hillary can take it but how about Obama? There's just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I can't quite explain it. Maybe I just think that he's cocky.

I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July. It's my favorite holiday by far. And of course, it's gonna rain. Chris and I are going canoeing with like, his whole town and whoever else his family invited. Which will probably be about half the town. I really hope the rain holds off though. Although, if we don't get some more rain than the tiny amount we got today, there might be some fires because of idiots lighting off fireworks without taking the proper precautions. I wonder if Fathead hates the 4th now.

Kris and I are not getting along at all. I kinda want him to fall off the face of the Earth right now.

I wish that work would pick up a bit. Kelli said that we'll have a lot of time to train Thursday and Friday because the plant is off. I don't see how that would really give us extra time but I'll take her word since she's been here a lot longer than me.

Kyra is watching Kaiden today. I love that I get to go home and see him during my lunch break. He's just SO great! Awww, now I miss him. I get to leave in three minutes to go see him though. He's getting bigger and cuter everyday!

11:18AM - busy at work....

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Monday, June 25, 2007

8:50AM - Freebeer and Hotwings

I'm just chillin at work, reading LJ's and listening to Free Beer and Hotwings. I love those guys. They make getting up in the morning not quite as hard. I always give a lot of credit to people who can get on the radio every morning and be happy not matter what's going on in their life.

This weekend was fun. Went out Friday night with Chris, Nick and Nicole and watched the Tigers. Saturday I chilled with Kaiden and the rest of the family. Sunday I WENT TO CHURCH! It was good but we're losing our pastor AGAIN. Then Kaiden and I went to Chris' cousin's grad party and met the entire Barrett family. They're really sweet and loved Kaiden. April is friends with his cousin Jessica and she told April that everyone loved me. WHich is good

Monday, June 18, 2007

10:16AM - God never shuts one door without opening another

I'm sitting at work, bored out of my mind. I have all my work done so I'm just answering phones, which ring for me about once an hour.

So let's see...what have I been doing? Wednesday night Audra and Kelsey came into town and so we went down to the guys softball game then out for drinks with pretty much ALL the guys. It was a good time. Then Thursday night I went over to Chris' and watched The Cutting Edge. I LOVE THAT MOVIE and I LOVE that he likes it too.

Friday night Chris and I went out to Logans. He hit on the waitress...which was Audra. :) Then Maggie and Jay met up with us when we got back to town. Jay's always a jerk to me whenever I see him. Whatev.

Saturday was the bachelorette/bachelor party. The barbeque went NOTHING like it was supposed to. I really wish we had just had completely separate parties because the guys completely segregated themselves anyway. It was their idea to have the party together. It was fun once us girls left for the B.O.B. though. We had these stupid bachelorette party dares and I did one of my dares and the guy kept hitting on me and asking me to dance the rest of the night. I do NOT dance and I'm not interested in some French guy from a club. No thank you. Everyone was going back to Ryan's house afterwards for a bonfire with the guys but Maggie, Jenny, and I decided to skip it. So I just spent the night at Maggie's. I was sleeping by 1:30. It was nice.

I absolutely hate not being home with Kaiden. It's killing me that April gets to spend more time with him than I do. He started crawling at Kris' this past weekend. I've been waiting to see him do it for months and then *poof* he gets home and he's crawling like a maniac!

Kris absolutely hates me right now and to quote a GREEEAT movie, " Quite frankly, dear, I don't give a damn." I'm not perfect and I'm working on my issues and he'll be sorry that he's been such an ass. Or he won't. Not that I care anymore.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Last night was fun. Matt and I went with my family to my cousin's wedding. It was pretty fancy but free drinks are good. Then we went to Purcell's graduation party. My hair was straight and I've lost a bit of weight, so freakin Dustin didn't recognize me all night. It took Alex a minute too. Crazy. It was ok seeing all of them but the person I really wanted to see was already way wasted so that was a bummer.

Life is complicated right now. WAAAY complicated.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Some people will never change. I just really feel that way today.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Mostly I think I'm just pissed. I get sad sometimes, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I see it as Kris walking out on his son. Does he realize that he's probably not going to witness the milestones in Kaiden's life? He thinks he's going to win full custody. That's very doubtful. I've made my mistakes, but he has too. I know he'll drag everything out in court and that will force me to do the same thing. At least Kaiden isn't old enough to realize what's going on.

He says " mama " all day. It's amazing. He's such a little man now. He definitely has his own personality. He's so perceptive too. He got his first tooth the other day. He seems to be doing ok with the teething situation but sometimes he's fussy for an hour or so and nothing I can do really makes it better.

It's nice being around my family. I missed them more than anything when I was living in Grandville. It's going to be really hard when my dad moves because he's really been important to me my whole life.

Man, I could really use a nap but Kaiden just woke up from his.

Exciting news: I'm going to Central for summer classes. They offer whole degrees through online classes!

Monday, April 2, 2007


Emily's in the hospital dilated to 5. She just got her epidural and she's probably thanking the doctor that invented it because it truly is the most miraculous thing ever. Joel and Liz came to the hospital after I got mine and I'll tell you this much - if they had seen me before that needle was stuck in my back they would have been scared.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


My dad, Jennie, Alissa, Tyler, and Dylan are all moving to North Carolina next year after April graduates. They wanted to leave this year but that wouldn't be fair to April so they're staying. I'm not at all happy about this. My dad has always been there for me and it's been weird being 30 miles away from him. I can't imagine him living down south. I really hope that this is some mid life crisis and he'll change his mind before April graduates. I think he might if we spend a lot of time with them this summer up at the river. Kaiden will be so much fun this summer, walking and being his usual cheery self. Emily is due on April 6. I just think it'll be hard for him and Jennie to leave two grandsons.

If he does go Emily, Caleb, and baby will go too. Kris said there's no way we're following them down there but it'll be my whole family minus my mom. Michigan is the only state in the union in a recession and I don't even know if I'll find a job here when I graduate. What will probably happen is we'll move to Virginia or Maryland and I'll commute to DC and be some sort of lobbyist. We'll be about 4 hours away from the fam.

The only friends that I still talk to are moving too, minus Matt who I'd miss a lot. Ashley will be at University of Maryland, Tori will probably go somewhere warm I assume, Liz and Joel are going off to the peace corp. I'd really like to have my wedding here though, obviously.

BTW, I'm quite bitter that I'm not in my sister's wedding. She hasn't said a THING to me about it and April already has her dress so I'm pretty sure that's that. Well fine - then she's not in mine. I have 7 other bridesmaids. That's a lot, I know but I have a lot of people that are important to me. Ashley, Maggie, Tori, Liz, Snoop, April, Jenny, and Audra. That's 8. Man! We're planning on June of next year. I want the beach but we'll see if Mt. Beach will agree with that. If not we'll probably have the reception at the Felt Mansion or Grand Valley.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10:03AM - Jesus Camp

Last night Kris and I watched the documentary " Jesus Camp ". It was everything I expected it to be; extremely disturbing. First off, they actually interviewed Ted Haggard before he got caught for getting " massages " from gay men and buying meth. I find it quite ironic that he spoke out against gay marriage and then does exactly what he's preaching against. I just hate people that are against gay marriage and of course, the church is leading the attack against people's rights. Haggard's church was based out of Colorado Springs which I personally know to be an EXTREMELY " religious " town. Both New Life Church and Focus on the Family are based out there. Imagine the close mindedness of that town. I have seen it first hand in somebody that I used to consider a pretty good friend. I don't know how to feel about that. I think that when you're put in an environment such as that it's hard to go against the masses, especially when you're taught from a young age to be a bigot and prejudiced. How does that make you a CHRISTIAN?!?!?! Christianity also preaches to be non-judgemental and accepting towards all different kinds of people. These people are only accepting of those that believe exactly what they believe.

The real feature of the movie was the actual camp in North Dakota that is ran by a middle-aged children's pastor. Everytime she talked I wanted to throw something at the tv screen. I couldn't stand to hear her voice. I watched her talking to the children and thought about how lucky I was that Bob and Louise Boom, Chris Smith, and Rob Wondergem were my Christian mentors. Unlike this woman, they didn't shove their beliefs or their judgements down your throat. They were interested in what was happening in your life, regardless of the decisions that you made in the past or present. They were always there for you, to pick you up when you fell or to lead you in the right direction; BUT ONLY IF YOU ASKED!!

The thing that irks me about this woman...well, rather, makes my blood boil about her, is that she is leading these children blindly into the dark. You get the impression that if she told them to blow up an abortion clinic they would without any question. They actually had a cardboard cut out of GEORGE W. BUSH! They prayed for him and talked about how he's a christian leader. blah blah blah...he might be a leader ( but even that is questionable ) but in this nation, we shouldn't really be subjected to whether or not he's a Christian. And don't give me this bullshit about how our country was founded on religion. Because this country was based on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, people! The pilgrims left England so they didn't have to follow a certain religion. What is the political right trying to do to us right now?

So watch it. It definitely will evoke some sort of emotion from you.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

2:41PM - stupid republicans

Kris is a stupid Republican right now and i want him to shut his mouth. Kaiden WILL be a democrat, damn it!

Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm just kinda sick of everyone. I think I'm gonna take a couple days and unhook the phone and not check my email or anything.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

11:50AM - George W. fucken Bush

Tuesday night I missed part of the state of the union. HUUUGE mistake. Usually I wait eagerly, drink in hand ( usually a cosmo, much like our wonderful drunken debate watches - man I miss my college friends )and make a night out of it. I look forward to hating Bush all day long. But anyway, having a kid kinda changes life a little bit. Go figure. Anyway, I missed part of it and Kris told me that Bush was bombing Syria. Since the man is fucken insane anyway, I totally believed it. Turns out Kris completely made it up...good thing I didn't say anything to anyone about it or I would have felt like a total ass. BUT ANYWAY. I HATE GEORGE W. BUSH! He is completely clueless and self involved. He doesn't care what almost 70% of the American population think about his damn war of convenience. And convenience is what it was! He totally misled congress and the american people into thinking that Iraq was a threat. He played off from people's fears and insecurities so that he could get revenge for Pa. WELL FUCK YOU, DUBYA!

The worst part about all of it is watching the news every night and seeing that two or three local troops have died or been injured while fighting for another countries so-called democracy. Some countries aren't meant to be democracies! It's a great idea, but only in theory. You can't fucken go over to the middle east and change thousands of years of idealogy. And why would you want to? That's just gonna piss them off even more. They already hate us, and as much as I hate to say this because I consider myself to be quite the patriotic American, they kind of have a right to.

Being a mother has really reminded me how much I disagree with him because I would be so furious if Kaiden was in a war after being misled by his commander in chief. Bush went up to a member of Congress whose son is currently in Iraq. This was the convo:
Bush: How's your son?
Congressman: I think you need to start bringing troops home.
Bush: That's not what I asked. I asked how your son was.
Congressman: That's between me and my son

Friday, January 12, 2007


Today I had to have my procedure done. It was not pleasant. And to top it off, I woke up with a killer cold and Kaiden's sick too. He has an ear infection. I knew that he was off so we brought him to his pediatrician and sure enough, he needs antibiotics. I'm glad that we caught it before it got too bad. He's sleeping right now. Poor little guy. I hate seeing him like this. He's not even fussy though; he's just always tired and his little nose is all stuffy and he has a cough.

I had every intention of actually updating this thing but now my head hurts and I'm just gonna watch Grey's anatomy now.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

5:31PM - My ten habits/idiosyncracies

1. I like to pick at dead skin
2. I will watch Gilmore Girls for 12 hours straight, if I'm allowed
3. I hate to put toilet paper on the roll
4. I chew on ice
5. I write letters that I will never send
6. I'll start laundry and forget to finish it
7. I order pizza with pepperoni but almost always pick it off
8. I don't trust anyone else to put Kaiden to bed
9. I don't trust anything that Fox News says
10. I have to go to the bathroom at least twice before I go to bed

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Monday, November 20, 2006

12:15PM - teeth

Kaiden's teething, which is not fun for us. If he's not sleeping ( and he doesn't sleep much because he's in pain ) he wants to be held. I can't get anything done. I really hope it ends soon.

Coopersville is going to the Dome and I kinda wanna go because road trips are fun and it would be nice to spend some time with my family and Kris. I just don't know if my mom would watch Kaiden over night.

Monday, November 6, 2006


Crazy that the semester is almost over. It hasn't really flown by because I've been stressed out so much but it still seems like it shouldn't be this far in. I'll be glad when it's done though. It'll be nice to have a few weeks with just baby and Kris.

Kaiden is doing really great. He's sleeping for 12 hours, waking up in 4 hour intervals but going right back down. Last night he slept for 6 hours before waking up his first time so I'm hoping he keeps that up.

Dad sent Kris and I out to dinner Saturday night and he kept Kaiden over night. It was crazy coming back home without him here. We didn't really know what to do with ourselves and we went and got him as soon as we woke up. Then we went out to Zeeland to Kait and Jeff's because Lisa and Jeff ( Jeff's parents ) were in town and wanted to see Kaiden. Shelby was in town for a wedding so she met us out there. I'm not a big fan of being in a room with a woman that's slept with my fiance but I dealt with it.

Landen and Kaiden are destined to be best friends. Lisa pointed out how funny it was that Kait and I were in the same exact hospital room with the babies, we both went way over our due date, got induced, were in labor for 36 hours and then had a c-section. Kris and Jeff have been best friends since 4th grade so I think it would be great if Landen and Kaiden were best friends too. And I mean best friends - not just in theory, but like...brothers or something. They talk every day. I don't talk to ANY of my friends even every week.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

1:46PM - Quick post

Very quickly cuz Kaiden's stirring...

*Brandon called. It was nice talking to him.

*My sister's fiance is an idiot right now and I want to punch him.

*Kaiden slept for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT last night!

*My dad called this morning and ordered his grandson be dropped off at his house and Kris and I go to dinner.

*We are going shopping for Halloween costumes as we have a party to go to in Birch Run on the 28th. I want Kaiden to be a pea in a pod but Kris thinks it's too cliche. He suggested Kaiden be Yoda, I be princess leia and he be someone else...I forget who. Whatever we are, baby has to be able to recognize us as Mommy and Daddy or he'll freak out and nobody will have fun at the party.

*I dropped Kaiden off at Ruth's ( my step grandma ) for daycare on Tuesday and Thursday and cried all the way to school because I felt so bad about it.

Friday, September 29, 2006


I am SOOO tired. I can't believe people have been doing this since the beginning of time. He definitely doesn't sleep at night, but we're trying to get him switched around. He also eats 4 oz of formula at a time, which is not normal. He should be eating about 2. Kris doesn't like to give him more than the 2 but ya do what you have to do when a baby is screaming at you and shoving his hands in his mouth. He loves to sleep with us, but we don't let him unless he's completely inconsolable. Last night was the first night that he slept in Kris' arms in bed, and I think he's hooked. He said he loves him more after having him sleep next to him all night. It's true; I feel the same way. I want him to sleep with us every night. He definitely likes to be close to mommy and daddy; it's the only time he's completely happy. Kris' favorite thing about him is when he pukes all over me. He doesn't puke on anyone except me. It's kind of humorous.

We love visitors, so if anyone wants to come over, feel free to give me a call or leave me a comment if you don't have my #. We're home every day, all day, except for tuesdays and thursdays when he's at daycare from 11:30 to 4:30 while I'm in class.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


He is the most amazing thing in the world. when he stares up at me while I'm feeding him, I just want to melt. I want to take all the pain that he'll ever feel and take it on for him. I still can't believe I'm a mom. Butit's true what they say ( and I never believed it before)...it really is the most amazing experience ever.

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